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R&D Tax Credit Changes Benefit Tech Start-Ups

02.15.2016 While there are many tax benefits available for small businesses and technology companies, the challenge is how to take advantage of them in the early years when there is no taxable income to offset. The 2016 changes in the research and development (R&D) credit solve this problem by allowing start-up companies to use up to $250,000 of credits against their payroll tax liability, not just their income tax liability. Another 2016 change allows businesses to use the R&D credit against their alternative minimum tax (AMT) liability. Technology companies, with their significant R&D activities related to software development, technology and engineering stand to benefit the most from this change. Read more

Leadership tips from the trenches

12.10.2015 Frazier & Deeter's marketing leader, Adelle Erdman, reflects on wisdom shared by six senior executives at the firm's recent Women Business Leadership events. Read more

Three Legged Growth Strategies For Second Stage Entrepreneurs NEW

07.17.2015 This week's guest blog by Moira Vetter originally appeared in her blog for Forbes. In it she discussed the ‘three-legged’ test that entrepreneurs should consider to make sure they have a profitable growth strategy. Read more


Secrets that Second Time Entrepreneurs Know About Managing Money

05.18.2015 This week's guest blog by Moira Vetter originally appeared in her blog for Forbes. In it she explores some common mistakes first-timers make that starve them of the money they need if they want to be a serial entrepreneur. Read more

Turnaround Lessons Learned for Going Concern Management Teams

04.01.2015 Turnaround professionals work with underperforming companies across different industries that find themselves in financial difficulty. Today’s guest blogger, Jim Wanserski, takes a look at some of the consistent themes he’s seen surface in his work with turnaround clients. Read more

Is the Best Resource to Support Entrepreneur Exit Another Entrepreneur

02.25.2015 Entrepreneurs are unique and passionate people with a strong drive to achieve their vision.  So what happens when an entrepreneur decides the time has arrived to sell the business and move on to pursue the next big thing? In his book Finish Big pioneering business journalist and Inc. magazine Editor at Large Bo Burlingham dives into this question, and among other topics looks at the advisors the entrepreneur should have on his/her team. Read more

myRA retirement plans

Worry-free retirement plans for small businesses?  The myRA may be the answer. 


07.31.2014 Many small business owners find that it is impractical or too costly to offer retirement plans to their employees. Employee retirement plans are highly regulated and subject to very complex tax rules. Now, there may be an answer for businesses of any size: the myRA (My IRA). 

Read more

Growth Game Changers

05.16.2014 This week F&D had our latest entrepreneur event: Growth Game Changers. The executives on the panel represented businesses at different stages of maturity that have followed different growth trajectories. Read more

Spin offs and the art of thinking like an entrepreneur

02.25.2014 An astronaut, a miner, a daredevil and a navigator walk into a Big Corporation...

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Entrepreneurs are born not made

10.16.2013. A three-year-old with a briefcase at the front door who says, “I go to the office,” is an entrepreneur. Because entrepreneurs are born, not made. You can make ‘em better…but you just can’t make ‘em.

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